Every something is an echo of nothing

All Sounds & Mix by Mutante

Mezcal Amores
The process of making Mezcal.
All sounds & Mix by Mutante 

TV Spot for the 25th LALA’s Milk marathon anniversary.
Animation by Monster View

All sounds & Music by Mutante 

Short film by Christine Kim and Elaine Wu

All Sound Design by Mutante Media

Animated Short by Adam Campbell, Elizabeth McMahill and Uri Lotan. 

Foley Artist/Editor and Re-recording Mixer
All Sound Design by Mutante

Some of the toys I made for Sound Design, Music and Live Performance.

This is my final project @ Vancouver Film School after the Sound Design Program.

All sounds & 5.1 / Stereo Mix by Javier Gonzalez

Music by Humberto Corte

Kontakt Glitch Kit / work in progress with Kontakt Script Processor.
All samples crated with MAX/MSP, Circuit Bent. Nord G2 & Doepfer modules.